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EcoPro is an alternative heating fuel which is manufactured by refining used petro-chemical products.

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ECOPRO Boiler fuel

EcoPro Boiler fuel

EcoPro™ is an alternative industrial heating fuel which is manufactured by refining waste vegetable oil products, such as SUNFLOWER oil. The resulting fuel has one of the highest calorific values among the most common heating fuels available to the panel-beating industry in South Africa. A higher flash-point reduces the risk associated with fuels such as Paraffin or Diesel. A sulphur content of less than 0,01%, increases the life of smoke stack or exhaust systems. A negligible ash content also reduces the need for periodic cleaning of the combustion chamber and flue tubes.

By repurposing a waste oil product into a useable energy source, clients using EcoPro™ help to maximise the recovery of waste products. The EcoPro™ re-cycling process benefits the environment by reducing the quantity of waste material that would otherwise be dumped.

Needing minimal alteration to existing burners and fuel-source installations, EcoPro™ boiler fuel is an economical alternative to paraffin or diesel. The use of EcoPro™ fuel has consistently shown reductions in consumption due to the high calorific value, and significantly less wear and tare on mechanical components when compared to hydrocarbon equivalents. Significant reductions in the monthly cost of heating fuels have been achieved by efficient combustion of the boiler fuel, in addition to the savings resulting from the unit cost of the fuel itself.

EcoPro™ is delivered in bulk only, to minimise the cost of delivery. A minimum delivery of 500ℓ is applicable in the immediate Cape Town area.

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