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Air Saver - Eco Friendly & Money Saving!

All Airlines leak! This is why, when you start work in the morning, your compressed air system is empty. Refilling your air system is costly not only because of electrical power costs, but also lost production. The air saver is installed on your airline (typically after your air receiver) and shuts air supply to your leaking plant when you stop production. When you arrive at work the next morning, your air receiver should still hold its full air capacity charge and ready to supply your production. Air Savers can also be installed at tap-offs to large departmental feeds within your airline. The Air Saver is a solenoid valve connected to a settable timer and has a manual overide which is useful when you work irregular hours or overtime.

Jorc Condensate Management - Water Oil Separators

The effluent removed from the compressed air system (via auto drains & filtration equipment) inevitably has high contents of lubricating oil in it. It is not only dangerous, but also illegal to simply dump onto the ground or into the municipal drainage system. In order to ensure that you do not inadvertently contaminate the environment, your compressed air drain lines need to be piped into a water oil separator.

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